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Jager K9 is driven to provide fellow dog owners in Canada with world class dog training while contributing to the survival of endangered wildlife in Africa.

Check out our dog training courses to see how your four-legged best friend will benefit while making an Impact on the lives of the animals whose survival depends on it.

Owner Training

It’s essential for any dog to learn how to understand and obey your commands under any circumstances. No matter the size or age of your dog, this course will strengthen the confidence you have in each other.

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PTSD Service Dog

It has been proven that through the companionship and assistance from canines, that the symptoms of PTSD/anxiety can be managed, even reduced, facilitating the handler’s recovery process.

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Conservation Dogs

Our trainers have direct experience training Anti-Poaching Working Dogs for real-world reserves and organizations who are assisting with constant protection and support of African wildlife.

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Board/Drop-off Training

We know they’re having fun, but that doesn’t fix the damage done. If we don’t teach our dogs the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors around the house, they’ll make up their own mind about it.

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Seizure detection dog

Heath Detection and Response Service Dogs (HD-RS Dogs) have been trained to master their incredible sense of smell in order to detect desired scents on demand.

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Home Guardian Dog

One’s families’ safety is the most important thing.
A guardian dog is a proven tool to help protect their family and assets should the worst occur. Learn More

Jager K9 Overview

Jager K9 was founded by its lead trainer, Quentin de Jager, who grew up on a Wild Game Reserve in South Africa. It was during his childhood that a deep passion for domestic and wild animals took root in his heart.

This passion has guided him from training with South Africa’s top K9 Units, to working with Africa’s leading Wildlife Conservation Organisations.

He later seized the opportunity to get involved with Canada’s dog training community, where he instantly felt at home.

The cries of endangered animals in Africa still pulled at him, and yet he knew that he was in a position to bring lifelong positive change to the dogs of Canada and their owners.

Jager K9 is his solution – providing world class dog training to all who need it, while donating a portion of the proceeds to non-profits in Africa that operate daily with the mission of saving local endangered species. These species include rhino, elephant, cheetah, and pangolin.

Quentin Jager training 5 dogs

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