We are a Canadian based company that provides specialized dog training solutions.

Simultaneously, we want to benefit endangered African wildlife species that face extinction. We support a number of world-class Conservation Organisations in Africa.

About Jager-K9. Our Passion

Jager K9 was brought to life by Quentin de Jager, a South African whose love for animals takes root in his childhood years when he grew up among the wildlife of his family's Game Reserve.

Quentin started his dog training career at 19, when he joined one of the top K9-Training Units of the country. During his time there, he completed a number of dog training certificates and eventually earned the title of Dog Handler, Trainer and Instructor at the facility.

He was soon sought out by the Executive Director of an International Conservation Organisation based in Namibia. Quentin was tasked to take over the non-profit's Scat Dog Program, where he trained dogs to roam the wild grasslands in search of the genetic material of endangered species. Ecologists would study the genetic material to better understand the behavior of these animals in the wild.

He was later approached by one of the largest Private Game Reserves of the country to help lead their Anti-Poaching K9 Unit. After spending some time there, he came upon the opportunity to integrate himself into the Dog Training community of Canada.

Quentin felt at home the moment he settled in Ontario. He quickly became familiar with the dog owners surrounding him and began training their dogs privately. After doing some research, it became clear that a larger population of his community needed the service that he was providing.

He now aims to provide his greater community with the best quality dog training there is to offer, while knowing that the wildlife in Africa will also benefit from the impact of the dogs of Ontario.

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