Certified Service Dogs

Jager k9 trains a multitude of world class service dogs.

dog listening to trainer

Jager k9 trains a multitude of world class service dogs. One of the most sought after Certified Service Dog are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Anxiety Certified Service Dogs. These impressive canines are capable of providing personalized guidance and assistance to their handler, improving quality of life within their household as well as in public access spaces. PTSD/Anxiety Certified Service Dogs also have full public access rights.

Public access rights are defined as the ability to bring your certified Service Dog with you to public places that would not normally allow animals, such as restaurants, movie theaters or on public transport. This allows the handler constant and total support from their canine companion wherever their day may take them.

It has been proven that through the companionship and assistance from canines, the symptoms of PTSD/anxiety can be managed, even reduced, facilitating the handler’s recovery process. Jager K9 has seen first first-hand how a PTSD dog can reduce a handler’s need for medication.

Covid 19 was responsible for an increasingly stressful world, Jagerk9 wants to provide the highest quality service dogs to aid individuals experiencing PTSD/ anxiety from the loss of loved ones and various other effects the pandemic has had on people.

Jager k9 is in partnership with world-renowned Service dog company, MSAR Service Dogs. MSAR was the first organization in the world to train and offer PTSD service dogs, they started the first and largest service dog program for veterans and first responders in Canada.

MSAR was the first service dog agency to advocate and push for a National Service Dog Standard.
MSAR also has multiple dogs nominated and inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame – K9 Stinky would be the best example as she was honored for saving 7 veterans lives suffering with PTSD.
MSAR also states that Post traumatic stress disorder is Post traumatic street injury. That people are injured from their trauma and that the word disorder is too negative.

How does a Service Dog help “PTSD”?

  • Grounding, distracting, or guiding their handler in an event such as dissociation or panic
  • Provide tactile stimulation or deep pressure therapy
  • Interrupting potential disruptive behavior toward self or others
  • Wake their handler up during a night terror and keeping them calm upon awakening
  • Alert to oncoming panic
  • Providing companionship and unconditional love

A Service Dog trained for PTSD/Anxiety is capable of learning and preforming a multitude of helpful tasks, catered to the personalized needs of their handler. This improves overall well-being and provides assistance with every-day tasks including, but not limited to: