Security Detection Dogs

Increases in emerging sophisticated threats are accelerating the demand for highly capable detection and canines are the solution. Security Detection Dogs are widely considered the most effective and adaptive method for explosives and narcotic detection.

Jager K9 has the resources and knowledge

Jagerk9 has the resources and knowledge to provide highly trained Security Detection dogs that are capable of meeting and obtaining the Explosive Detection Dog and Handler Team Program (EDDHT) Canadian certification, post-training. Companies/businesses that participate in the EDDHT program are held to the highest standards in aviation security in the country.

Our Security Detection dogs are trained to search with an active response to indicate the threat with a high level of accuracy. Jagerk9 has extensive training experience including:

  • Vehicle searches
  • Navel ports and entry points
  • Aircraft and airport environments
    • Including high volume passenger and luggage systems using a systematic or free search pattern

Furthermore, random searches by our Security Detection Dogs are objective, and viewed as less intrusive than other security alternatives. There leaves little room for debate when a non-biased, trained Security Detection Dog locates an explosive or illegal substance.

Our Security Detection Dogs are capable of preforming but not limited to the following tasks:

Black Norwegian Elkhound dog sniffing automobile while searching for drugs and other illegal items
Female police officer with a trained german shepherd dog sniffs out drugs or bomb in luggage. Subway station.
Border service officers with German Shepherd dogs checking passengers luggage

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